Fair and ecological

fairpflichetBefore the event is after the event - our sustainability concept.

fairpflichtet is the name of the codex of the event industry in Germany for economically, ecologically and socially compatible work, to which we have officially committed ourselves in 2013. Since then, we have been reflecting and implementing the various work and production processes of our event organization under the aspect of sustainability.

Our most important measures for sustainable responsible action

Our head office

is located in an energy-efficient building. We optimize our energy balance with energy-saving night and weekend shutdowns on all office equipment. Digital filing and paperless subscriber management are being continuously expanded.

Green Meetings

the brand of sustainable and climate-friendly events - became part of our portfolio in 2013. Catering, technical equipment, printed materials and many other event components are deliberately selected according to ecological criteria.

Our conference venues

are always selected according to the criterion of accessibility by public transport. We encourage our participants to use public transportation and thus contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our employees

are our most valuable resource. We therefore support health-promoting measures and sports activities for our employees. The professional encouragement and improvement of our employees' qualifications through individual training and further education is an investment in our own future.